I'd LOVE to craft you a

Custom Itinerary


What inspires me most isn't Netflix's travel documentaries or epic adventure books (but that's not to say I don't love them) – it's the amount of stoke YOU have about travel and all the exciting trips you're itching to take. I could spend hours sitting around a campfire, just chatting about a future island-hopping adventure through Indonesia or a surf-focused camping trip at the ocean.

But what hurts the most – is being soooo close (Rascall Flatts, anyone? No?) – is when those plans you're amped about fall through because you don't know where to start.

So, I went the selfish route and thought, "How do I get people to tell me about their exciting trip ideas and encourage them to actually go after them?" The answer? Custom itineraries. It's genius, I know.

So I'm consulting my ghost of trips past to recommend destinations, restaurants, hotels, etc. based on your answers to the below questionnaire for a bespoke itinerary you'll hopefully love. Who's excited? I definitely am!

Why take my advice?


Fair question.

First, let's make sure you've read a few of my blog posts and like my travel style. The only recommendations I'll give are those I've either experienced or have on my list, so as long as you like my adventures, you'll love your itinerary.


Secondly, I've worked in the travel industry my entire professional career, creating custom itineraries for tour operators, traveling and creating content for luxury travel networks, as well as planning and traveling for Wander in RAW, of course. I'm well versed in travel and tourism and have a fair amount of research under my belt to be able to confidently recommend adventures based on your answers to the form below.


Sounds great! How do I begin?


Fill out the questionnaire below so I can get a good handle on your travel style, interests, and purpose of your trip. Then I'll shoot over an invoice and we'll get started! 

The end product will be a gorgeous PDF outlining my top recommendations for your proposed trip. Yay!

Custom itineraries begin at $50


Paid after a short consultation. Submit the below form free of charge.