When I finally decided to get serious with my photography side hustle, I was an unorganized mess. I had contracts shoved in desk drawers or lost on my desktop and payments randomly issued through tangible checks, cash, or my paypal account. It was a struggle to say the least.

Cue: Honeybook 

Honeybook is how I organize leads, send and receive invoices, track project progress, create real-time contact forms, craft workflows, export financials, and more!

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Project Tracking.png

Project Tracking

Honeybook has a super intuitive visual timeline at the top of their project page where you can view each project as it completes each stage of your business process.


Set up your timeline as you see fit for your personal business, and label accordingly! Mine can be seen in the image above.



Create a variety of custom templates to streamline your business' process. These include as many email, contract, invoice, questionnaire, brochure, and proposal templates as you like!

I have separate email templates for every step of the process, from "Thanks for Reaching out!" to "Your Photos are Ready."


Proposal templates are most definitely my favorite because they feature your contract and an invoice with payment plan options all in one place. You can add your packages into your custom proposal with one click based on your clients' needs. This saves me SO much time!


Contact Form

This part is literally the best. You can create your own custom contact form that makes sense for you and your business and attach it to any web page.

Once the client fills out the form, their info is redirected straight into your Honeybook account as a new lead complete with all their info! How freaking cool is that?

Contact Form.png


To streamline the process even more, you can create your own workflows to further automate the process.

Set your workflow to send out a "Thanks for reaching out" email with an attached brochure as soon as you get a new lead via your contact form, or a "You're officially booked!" email for when your client puts down their deposit. Other workflow options include tasks notifications and reminders and automated questionnaire emails. 


I added a 1-month follow up email to my workflow to make sure my clients are still in love with the end product and to ask for a quick testimonial to include on my website. 



But wait, there's more! This system isn't only for managing client workflow, you can also find opportunities for hired work on here too!


Browse their Opportunities section by medium or post an Opportunity of your own to reach other Honeybook creatives. 



There are so many crazy awesome tools this client management software offers, I couldn't possibly cover them all in this post. Check out the Tools screenshot to the leftfor peek at the many services this system offers!

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and get 50% off your annual Honeybook subscription!