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Eva Seelye


Photo by Jake Lewis

Hi Friends! I'm Evangelea (Eva) - coffee lover, road tripper, hula dancer, foodie, and lover of creating sick stuff with rad people! I was born into a mobile life (aka literally on a sailboat) and I haven’t been able to stop moving since. Growing up in the Marshall Islands just fueled my itch to travel the world.


I'm a freelance writer and photographer for various online and print publications including Huck Adventures and Explore Washington State. You can find additional work in global luxury travel magazine Virtuoso Life, Bainbridge Island Magazine, Seattle magazine, and in other various outlets. Some call us weekend warriors, add ballin’ on a budget to that and you get me; a blonde hair, green-eyed, adventure-seeking girl in her mid-twenties trying to take advantage of every opportunity thrown her way.


So thanks to our beautiful world of digital technology and what I like to call public diaries, I’m able to share with you some of my greatest adventures, aspirations, tips and tricks, epic fails, and life hacks as I encounter them one experience at a time. Hopefully, through my adventures, I inspire you to try out a few things too.








Why "Wander In Raw?"


Raw is the file format on your camera that captures ALL of the information recorded by the sensor when you take a photo, giving you the highest quality, maximum brightness, and the most detail in every photograph. I like to apply the same notions to my life.


But wait!!
I want to hear your stories too! There are so many sites I have to see, places I need to be, people I need to meet,
food I need to eat, so send them my way. Or send me a message just to say hi! If you're hoping to book my photography services, click here.



  • Are you a full-time blogger/photographer?

    • Yes! I entered the full-time freelance lifestyle a little sooner than expected, but I'm excited to put my whole heart into my creative projects.


  • Did you go to college?

    • Yes! I majored in communications and photography at the University of Washington, Seattle.


  • So you're from the Marshall Islands, but you're not Marshallese?

    • That's correct! I was born in Michigan, moved to Washington, lived in the Bahamas for two years, came back to Washington, and then moved to the Marshall Islands in the 4th grade. I left that beautiful country to come attend college at the University of Washington. Because I spent the majority of my childhood there, I'll always consider the Marshall Islands my home.


  • Are all of your posts paid gigs?

    • No! All of my posts are true reflections of my values, interests, and passions - paid or not, I take pride in authenticity, and each post is based on real experiences. I really do want you to have access to the best-kept secrets in every destination! A few items are occasionally products of a brand collab or hired work, but that's not to say I don't believe in them! I choose my projects VERY carefully and make sure to only write about or endorse that of which I support and care about.


  • How do I get featured in your blog?

    • Easy! Just send me a message using the form below and we can chat more about your vision to see if we're a good fit for each other! Visit my Work with Me page for more info.


  • Can I hire you for photos?

    • Absolutely! I'm skilled in a variety of photo styles including portrait, couples, and event photography, and would be happy to chat about your needs. Visit my Work with Me page for more info!

  • Can you send me trip recommendations?

    • Of course! I now offer Custom Itineraries for just $50! Questions? Shoot me an email, or fill out this questionnaire.




The Talk of the Town:

"Eva! Wow. I cannot believe what a great and thoughtful blog you’ve created! We are honored to be included in it...  it was a joy to work with you." 

- Andres - Adventure Lodge and Rogue Adventure Van Owner, Hood River, OR


"Your writing and blog in it's entirety is wonderfully put together. I wish you well in your future adventures and am looking forward to reading more." 

- Allie - Manager at Zoe's Cafe and Bakery, Vancouver Island + Tofino


"Thanks for... including us in your blog!  I just finished reading it, wow you guys were busy that weekend but you definitely found some of the gems Vancouver Island has to offer. We hope to see you then next time you’re out our way."

- Chad - Old Country Market, Vancouver Island + Tofino


"Beautiful post!... Really enjoyed reading about your time here. It's nice sometimes to be reminded of outsiders perspectives about a place you've become so familiar with!"

- Jess - The Maq Hotel, Vancouver Island + Tofino


"What a nice message to start our Monday morning :) You have a beautiful blog. Thank you for including us in your Orcas Island post - your insider tips on the island are just what we would recommend too! We're going to share the post with our Facebook audience."

-Katherine - Girl Meets Dirt, Orcas Island


"Thank you so much for sharing Eva. Well written and captures the magic of Orcas Island. Thank you for your kind words and we look forward to your next visit!"

- Brown Bear Baking, Orcas Island


"Hottest thing in town...thanks"

- Callahan's Firehouse, Whidbey Island