5 Free Photo Editing Resources

It's been absolutely gorgeous in Washington and all I can seem to think about is blossoming spring hikes in Mount Rainier National Park, surfing Westport's seamless break, or hopping on a plane. It blows. BUT, instead of dwelling on all the photos I haven't been able to take, I'm using all this wonderful free time to brush up on my photo-editing skills so I'm more than prepared for all my epic adventures to come. I pour myself a glass of Reuben's Hazealicious IPA, toss my hair up into a messy bun, forget about pants, and dive into Lightroom and Photoshop's darkest, dustiest corners. Here are five of my go-to, free resources to amp up my photo editing game.

1. Art of Visuals

I could spend days on AOV's Tips and Tricks page. You can learn everything from aerial photography and how to shoot with models to mobile editing and everything in between. Side note: Their podcast is incredible. I listen to it daily.

2. Lightroom Killer Tips

This is where you'll want to go for quick-and-dirty tips. Every Tuesday they release a "Lightroom in 60 Seconds" video for short LR editing hacks that are game changing when it comes to editing shortcuts.

3. PHLearn

This tutorials site offers both free and paid videos, depending on how deep you're trying to dive into the editing hole. They teach all the basics in an easy-to-master style with advanced tactics queued up for when you're ready to take the leap.

4. Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

A no-brainer, Adobe has a selection of great written tutorials for photography, design, and more, and offers project inspiration to get you stoked about all the epic things you can create in Photoshop. I personally like video tutorials better, but it's still a great resource to keep on hand. Want to learn how to create an animated gif? Check out this tutorial.

5. Udemy

Another tutorial-heavy website, Udemy offers a little bit of everything. Both free and paid courses are available – paid courses get you a certificate of completion and direct contact with the instructor. If you've never touched Photoshop in your life and want to be a savvy editor in no time, I suggest the Beginner to Advanced – Complete Photoshop Mastery free course.

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