Where to Glamp in a Greenhouse in Oregon

It was a beautiful Pacific Northwest morning and I was neck-deep in a gorgeous cedar soaking tub, sheltered from a light drizzle by the remote glass house we spent the last few nights enjoying. Hair pulled into a messy bun – and slightly smoky from last night's campfire – I took a sip of my freshly brewed coffee. Yup, I found my happy place.

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Crooked Finger Farms is a 67-acre oasis 1.5 hours southeast of Portland at the edge of Oregon's remote unknown. Three vacation rentals (sleeping a total of ten people) call this property home (the Bali House, the Guest House, and an Airstream trailer that's currently receiving a few upgrades), alongside five horses, a sweet three-legged dog named Sima, a few friendly cats, a couple of ponds (with frogs! Yes, I love frogs. Not sorry.), a tree farm, exclusive hiking trails, and more. It's a beautiful opportunity to unplug in solitude, whip out the book you've been meaning to read, embrace farm life, relax, and explore some of Oregon's famous waterfalls.

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Must-Pack List:

  • A cozy sweater or something to relax in. Here's what I lived in during my stay.

  • Raincoat

  • Leggings: Great for layering if you get too chilly.

  • Jeans

  • Hiking boots and wool socks

  • Slip-on shoes for around the bungalow (it has gravel floors) and walking to the restroom/kitchen and back.

  • Swimsuit

  • Food to cook: There's a full kitchen and BBQ, so we brought gyro and sandwich fixings so we could spend less time at the store and more time enjoying the property. Plus, cooking with horses is twice the fun!

  • Firewood

Don't go anywhere! This lush part of Oregon is a hot spot for nature lovers, and I'm about to spill the details in a few scrolls.

Getting There

It's a little tricky to find Crooked Finger Farms without cell service but Kristin – who literally thought of everything – gave us detailed instructions that made finding her hidden driveway a breeze. We swung open the green gate to a welcoming road beneath blossoming trees – the glass house emerged out of the flowers on our right and we couldn't contain our excitement.

The Bali House

We walked into the sparkling clean 300-square-foot converted greenhouse to discover a thoughtful display of teas with a hot water maker, a Nespresso machine, a bowl of fresh fruit, colored pencils and a mindful coloring book, fresh flowers, and gorgeous tropical plants surrounded by windows.

The Bali House's bottom floor has plenty of counter space and seating – the hot tub (filled with spring water from Kristin's artesian well) sits in the far corner and it was steamy and ready to go upon our arrival, encouraging us to drop everything and jump in. (Towels and robes provided.) It's a gravel floor so slip-on shoes come in handy. Switch on the space heaters (if they aren't on already) for a little heat if you need it!

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The net-covered full-size bed fits snuggly in the sleeping loft with views of horses grazing in the pasture a few hundred feet away. At night, head to the loft a little early for some quality stargazing from between the sheets.

I know what you're thinking: What about privacy? Don't worry, the front half of the Bali House has blinds to provide a little separation between you, the driveway, the other rental properties, and Kristin's house. This leaves the view of the forest unobstructed and as beautiful as ever.

Walk out the side door to find a metal fire pit, a picnic table, two chairs and a BBQ encircled by cafe lights, which completed the scene.

But wait, where's the bathroom? Don't forget: We're glamping here. The fully stocked kitchen and bathroom are in the historic barn across the lawn. There's a microwave, toaster oven, hot plate, sink, pots, pans, utensils, a coffee maker, mini fridge and freezer, and select spices and oils. We opened the mini-fridge to find fresh eggs from Kristin's chickens, yogurt, orange juice, bagels, cream cheese, and a bottle of wine. So thoughtful.

I never thought a barn bathroom could look so good! Kristin decorated it beautifully – towels were laid out along with complimentary shampoo, conditioner, and soap. Definitely switch on this space heater – it gets pretty chilly out there (especially at night). Don't forget to give the horses a good pet before heading back. They love company!


  • Have a Staycation It's easy to spend all of your time at Crooked Finger. Hanging with Maggie, Luna, Mr. Pickles, Phillip, and Cooper (Kristin's horses) was one of my favorite things to do. Ask Kristin about the miles of exclusive trails through the wilderness just behind her property (keep an eye out for bears and elk!), walk the tree farm, read a book by the pond, harvest eggs, or play a round of horseshoes or a game of badminton. Kristin has a collection of exciting outdoor games to enjoy in her wide open spaces. All you have to do is ask.

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See the scratch marks? Kirstin says they're from bears who frequent the area.

  • Chase Waterfalls Dubbed the "crown jewel" of Oregon, Silver Falls State Park (and the Trail of Ten Falls) sees travelers from around the world (and for good reason). A 7.2-mile loop guides hikers through rocky canyons and behind a 177-foot waterfall with access to nine more majestic falls (hence the name) with a total elevation gain of just 800 feet. It's a must-experience activity for every PNW outdoors enthusiast and has been on my wanderlist for years. BONUS: It's only a 25-minute drive from the Bali House. Abiqua Falls, with its mind-boggling basalt columns, is another favorite just an 18-minute drive away. Hikers with 4WD and high clearance can drive the full length of the sketchy dirt road to the trailhead, which leaves a short 15-20-minute hike (rated "difficult") to the falls. If you give the road a go but reach a ditch that looks a little too deep for your vehicle, don't worry! There are pullouts the whole way down for just that reason. Park on the side of the road and hike the rest of the way. The first section is a steep and muddy scramble down to the river – ropes are strung tree-to-tree for added assistance. Before you know it, Abiqua emerges from behind a rock outcropping. Would you believe that it's even better in person?

  • Sip on This Taste the Valley with a visit to Alexeli. Right up there with their love for quality wine is their passion for community and bringing people together. Don't miss this stop!

  • Calling All Plant Moms and Dads The 80-acre Oregon Garden is a PNW plant lover's dream – it features 20 specialty gardens dedicated to Pacific Northwest ecology. Highlights include the Conifer Garden, the Oak Grove with a 400-year-old Signature Oak, and the Wetland Habitat that's teeming with wildlife.

About Crooked Finger

Crooked Finger Farms – named after the Native chief Crooked Finger – lies on the edge of Oregon's vast wilderness and the outskirts are hikeable via a network of private trails. Kristin's hiking tour took us around her property, through new-growth forests, past a bear-clawed tree, among massive elk tracks, and ended at a graveyard from the Spanish-American War. Most of the tombstones were stolen and repurposed – only one original tombstone remains today. (History buffs, this is for you.)

Kristin is a true outdoorswoman and an avid traveler. We had a blast picking her brain during our hike, chatting about past adventures and future dreams in between bird calls and fun facts about snakes (as she held one in her hands).

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She originally built this unique home to be a greenhouse, but she found herself spending more time in the naturally lit haven than her own home and quickly converted it into a cozy cabin getaway for her (and eventually the world) to enjoy. Her inspiration? A gorgeous little Hawaiian glamping home (later swamped by intruding lava). After her stay, she knew she needed one of her own, but a greenhouse was still her priority. Little did she know it'd eventually become the tranquil stay she dreamed about.

The Guest House

Just next door is a more traditional rental she calls the Guest House. It sleeps six (in five beds) with a spacious living area and gorgeous kitchen and dining space with pond views. My favorite part, of course, is the cedar tub on the back porch.

If you're looking for a wide-open space to host your retreat, bookmark this spot! There's plenty of room to practice yoga inversions, portraiture, painting, you name it; Kristin would love to host you!

How Do I Book?

Check out Crooked Finger Farms's rentals below.

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