Unique Home: AtTheJoy in the Willamette Valley's Eola Amity Hills

If quarantine taught me anything, it's that adventure isn't limited to flying thousands of miles away to an undiscovered grotto or hiking 2,000+ feet with tents and sleeping bags. I learned that adventure, for me, is anything that's new or unfamiliar. Adventure can be a feeling or a taste; it can be exciting or relaxing or challenging or easy.

Hey, friends! Just a quick note to say that this post is in partnership with AtTheJoy and contains affiliate links. As such, I will receive commission upon purchases made through some of these links. All opinions, ideas, content, and recommendations are always my own! Cheers!

It took a pandemic for me to realize that slowing down and treating myself is an adventure of its own. In fact, slowing down was a HUGE part of what I'd been missing in my past lifestyle. So, when I was offered the opportunity to drive down to the Willamette Valley to spend a few nights exploring AtTheJoy (ATJ), I quickly called up my girls, packed up our WFH materials, and sped off into Oregon Wine Country. It was just the relaxing, mask-less couple of days we needed to sigh off our stresses with ample breathing room and poolside bubbles.

How Can I Rent AtTheJoy?

Find it on VRBO and send me your booking confirmation to receive a complimentary bottle of Lytle-Barnett sparkling wine upon your arrival!

First Impressions

The last mile before ATJ was the perfect precursor to our own not-so-little sanctuary. Once through the gated entrance, rows upon rows of grape-filled vineyards accompanied us up the long driveway to our escape on the hill.

Welcome Home

With 6,500-square-feet, seven bedrooms, 24 acres of elbow room, and two separate accommodations, this place was no doubt built for big groups and epic celebrations. It sleeps 14 comfortably with plenty of space to squeeze in a couple more heads if need be. I have a deep love for high ceilings, and the spacious interior with massive windows did a great job of bringing the outdoors in. My only concern was whether or not it'd still feel cozy, but that fear went right back out that massive window as soon as I turned on the fire and cuddled up in a cozy blanket on that super comfortable couch.

Pro Tip: This is an EPIC place for a wedding!

Photographers: add this to your recommendations list!

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Did you catch the "two accommodations" part? Yup, aside from the main house, there are three adjoining and totally private Bungalows, each with their own entrances. How cool is that?

It gets better: Literally every.single.room looks out over the vineyards. Pretty freaking amazing.

A fully stocked kitchen with all your everyday amenities (and more) makes cooking a breeze. We had a tasty feast of roast chicken, potatoes and asparagus one golden evening. Delish!

Dive Right In

With a pool, hot tub, and a gorgeous master bath, a spa day is next to non-negotiable, and you know us girls took full advantage during our getaway.

All the Buzz

As you're soaking up some rays by the pool, you'll probably notice a few tiny friends buzzing by. Head around the Bungalow either early in the morning or at dusk to get an up-close look at the property's beehives! Use caution, of course, as they do still sting if they're bothered, but they're a cool sight to see.

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Treehouses, tiny homes, converted greenhouses and more await!

Picnic Party

There's just something about getting lost in the vineyards that always feels so magical, so we packed up a few of our favorite snacks, some sparkling wine, and found a cute little spot to indulge. Highly recommend.

Get Toasty

Sunset by the outdoor gas fire pit is my activity of choice. No better way to toast the day away!

Did I mention the stars? My typical Seattle day-to-day, or shall I say night-to-night, involves a heck of a lot of light pollution, so I'm out wishing on shooting stars every chance I get, and the Valley has a ton of them. Bundle up, lay out a blanket in the grass, and get go gazing. You won't regret it!

Downstairs a ping pong table awaits the competitive personalities. Definitely take a peek at the wine cellar while you're there – their collection is impressive to say the least!

About the Wine

The AtTheJoy estate and its Anahata Vineyard are owned and operated by the high-end sparkling winery Lytle-Barnett, known for its high-quality local bubbles that use the exact specifications of vintage French champagne. All four of their vintage products–Brut, Blanc de Blancs, Brut Rosé, and Blanc de Noirs–have my seal of approval, but my personal favorite has to be their Blanc de Noirs.

But the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes you'll find in the Anahata Vineyard aren't the same grapes featured in their four vintage products. Instead, they'll be the stars of a new product under the name Windfall, so stay tuned for that!

Nearby Activities

If you love chasing waterfalls, you're in the right place. A short 30-minute drive east leads you to some of Oregon's most celebrated waterfall hikes (like Silver Falls State Park). To the west, Salem. Swing by the Oregon Garden to find 20 specialty gardens dedicated to Pacific Northwest ecology and/or the Oregon State Capitol for a bit of political history and local artwork.

Why Book ATJ?

While individuals often secure ATJ for their own private secluded getaways, it's also the perfect destination for weddings, birthday celebrations, company retreats, brunches, or cocktail parties.

Click here to view ATJ on VRBO and send me your booking confirmation to receive a complimentary bottle of Lytle-Barnett sparkling wine upon your arrival!

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Shout out to Akanksha and Samantha for being my gorgeous models during this super fun shoot!


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